One of the masters of piano worldwide. The musical language of Michel Camilo denotes an expressive and exhilarating interpretation of jazz, in which he combines the rhythms of his Caribbean heritage with a rich and intelligent use of harmonic textures, jazz and his magnificent piano technique. His music is essentially jazz, enhanced by a contagious swing that reflects his amiable personality.

He composed his first song at 6 years of age, and for 13 years studied in the National Conservatory, culminating in a professorship. At 16 years of age he became a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic. With a view to broadening his musical horizons, he moved to New York in 1979, where he has lived ever since.

He made his debut in Carnegie Hall in New York in 1985 with his trio. Since then, he has regularly performed in the United States, the Caribbean, Japan and Europe.
At the beginning of 1994, UTESA University in the Dominican Republic awarded him an honorary degree for his musical accomplishments. He was the youngest person in the country to receive this award.

In 2010 the UASD University in Santo Domingo granted him an honorary degree for his remarkable musical career.

Extraordinary composer and pianist, orchestra conductor and teacher.

A Grammy and Emmy Award winner and nominee, he was granted an honorary doctorate by the prestigious Berklee School of Music, in which a scholarship for young talented Caribbean musicians has been created, called the Michel Camilo Scholarship.