PLAYING LECUONA is a musical journey through the work and living spaces of ERNESTO LECUONA, Latin America’s most renowned pianist and piano composer.

To create this odyssey and tribute, the three most distinguished pianists of Latin jazz worldwide join forces to guide us through this musical genre: CHUCHO VALDÉS, MICHEL CAMILO and GONZALO RUBALCABA.

CHUCHO VALDÉS in LECUONA’S native Havana, fuses Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

MICHEL CAMILO in New York (where LECUONA met great success and is buried) and in the Canary Islands (where LECUONA’s family has roots) recreates sophisticated sounds.

GONZALO RUBALCABA, in Seville, the heart of Andalusia, Spain, and a source of inspiration for LECUONA, fuses jazz with flamenco.

These three maestros captivate us either with solo performances or accompanied by other extraordinary artists: OMARA PORTUONDO, ANA BELÉN and RAIMUNDO AMADOR.

This is PLAYING LECUONA. Music sales through SONY MUSIC INTERNATIONAL. Film sales through GRUPO PLANETA.

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